ATTENTION: Here’s what every business owner needs to know about the WhatsApp on their phones

Here’s The Perfect Solution For You if You Want to Sell More of Your Products/Services Fast Using WhatsApp

…Without Spamming People And Begging Friends and Family to Patronize you.


Dear Business Owner,

If you are always begging people to patronize you…

If you are always at the mercy of friends and family in your business…

If you post 500 pictures of your product daily and caption it ‘patronize your girls o‘…

Then this is for you

Let me start by telling you a story

In 2019 when I got started with internet marketing

I bought a particular ‘’hot selling product’’ from china

I thought everyone will rush it like hot cake

But nobody even asked me “Oga wetin you carry”

It was that bad

I burnt money on ads, still no sales

It took me one solid month to sell one unit of the product


Is this how hard it is to sell online? That was the thought running through my mind

Anyway, out of share luck, I managed to sell a N230,000 product

My joy knew no bound

But again, I got stuck and didn’t sell anything else for weeks

Men, that feeling of one sale today and dry for the next three weeks is frustrating

So I went back to square one

This experience of failures pushed me to find out what makes an online business grow

The things I found helped me to rake in Millions of Naira (over N40million as at the time of writing this)

And the majority of that success came by mastering how to use WhatsApp for my sales and Marketing

I became so good that I help my clients generate a lot of revenue in sales

Here’s the moral of that story…

There is no money on the internet

I know this is contrary to what many gurus have told you

The money is in you.

All the money you will make is dependent on you

The edge you have over your competitors…

The knowledge you have, the tools, the strategies and structures you have

…these are all your money makers

The internet is only a medium


People don’t buy what you like

They buy what they want

They won’t come and meet you where you are

You have to go and meet them

They won’t buy unless it’ll solve their problem

And the moment I knew these things


Sales started pouring like showers of blessing

This is why they call me The Sales Catalyst

YES! I Want To Order NOW!

Now Here Is the Problem With Selling Online

You have a business

You sell things online

**** But people are not buying what you are selling

**** You post on social media and you get 5 engagements and not buy, they comment … ”keep it up or nice work”

**** It’s the same set of people who view your status every day so you don’t have new customers

**** Most time, those people are your friends and family

**** The unpleasant thing about doing business with friends and family is debt

**** Friends and family will buy from you and refuse to pay

**** They will even feel bad and disrespect you if you dare ask for your money

**** On top of all that, if you try to grow your contact list by joining contact gain groups, your contact will only increase, but sales will remain the same

You know why?

You are only saving the contact of your competitors

**** The worst of them has to be unsolicited contact requests

Have you ever received a message from someone telling you they got your contact from a WhatsApp group you both belong to, and asking you to save their contact.

I bet you have or you even send it to people yourself. Lol

If you are doing this then you need to stop because it’s the worst way to get leads for your business and here is why…

You’re spamming people by sending them unsolicited messages that they never requested for?

Even if people save your contact and you do the same, you might be building the wrong audience without realizing it.

It is not just about getting contact.

It is about getting high quality leads (potential buyers) that can pay for your products and services …

…and you don’t achieve this by chasing people from WhatsApp groups and begging them to save your contact.

You achieve this by positioning yourself in a way that gets people attracted to you.

This is how I’ve been able to build an audience that consistently pays me on WhatsApp.

Look, making money on WhatsApp is not as hard as most gurus make it to look like.

It is about being strategic with the numbers game.

As simple as this may seem, you can’t achieve results like this by filling up your WhatsApp contact with anybody.

You need to build a HOT buyer audience that can afford to buy whatever you sell.

The secret is a 3 fold process

          1. Find qualified leads

         2. Build authority

         3. Offers your solution in an irresistible fashion

As simple as that sounds, you still need a a well structured and practical guide to help you achieve this

I have packaged a detailed and practical course bundle that covers and practicalizes all three of them


Imagine you don’t have to beg people to buy from you again

Imagine you have access to tell 33 million Nigerians about your brand

Imagine getting more customers than you can physically handle in a day, yet you are not overwhelmed and all your customers are satisficed

That would be bliss right?

Well you don’t have to imagine anymore

You can actually have all these and more with this course

This is the ONE course bundle that will FINALLY solve your problems of WhatsApp sales.

It is designed specifically with the students in mind

It is designed to deliver all the essentials you need to grow your whatsapp customer list, and increase sales

Not just that it is structured in a simple and easy to understand fashion so that even a 7th grader can easily understand and practicalize the things taught

Take a look at the course structure

Module 1: WhatsApp Lead Generation and Automation

Module 2: Facebook to WhatsApp Ads

Module 3: Where Money hides on WhatsApp

Modules 4: How To Sell Like Crazy on WhatsApp

Module 5: How To Create Irresistible Offers

Module 6: The 10x Sales Structure

Let me show you exactly how each of these modules will positively affect your business


This module explains EXACTLY how you can add AT LEAST 1000 new WhatsApp Contact. Using special tools and hacks


So that you will not have to depend on friends and family as your only customer base


You won’t have to beg anybody to buy from you. Because you now have the strategy and tools to generate high quality buyers on demand. 


You will learn how to interact with prospects and close deals. Even when you are not available to chat,  your automated response systems will be there to do the job 


I have used this system to teach in many groups at the same time. I have also used it to respond to tens of thousands of clients and prospects


Most of the customers and buyers you are looking for are on social media


I will show you how to locate and target them with ads


I will show you how to get them to click on you ads and send you a message on WhatsApp, asking to get your product


I will show you how to target rich and high paying clients who have a proven record of buying things online


This takes away the stress from you. You only have to sit back and let Facebook do the work for you


In this Module, you will learn about all the different money making features of WhatsApp
You will learn how to leverage on them to sell more of your products and services
With this, you will not market blindly
You will no longer have to sell using guess work, you will know exactly what feature to use in marketing your brand


In this module, you will learn the three things that make people sell out very fast. And how you can develop them for yourself
1. I will teach you how to position yourself as an expert and celebrity, so that people can trust what you say
2. I will show you the secret that builds a massive list or audience
3. You will also learn how to craft what I call ‘’Shut up and take my money offers’’ Not knowing this is why many online marketers struggle to make sales
These three powerful combinations is the secret to a massive WhatsApp sales machine


You will learn EXACTLY how to create ‘’shut up and take my money offer’’ in this module


I will show you the 7 ingredients of a ‘Shut up and take my money offer’’


I will practicalize how you can craft this kind of offer so that you can replicate it in your own business anytime


Finally, I will show you how to combine everything into a functional structure


You can implement this structure in any kind of business and get instant result


You will finally move away from guess work marketing to a structured form of marketing


This is the structure that is guaranteed to 10x your sales in business


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This book chronicles my journey to my first 6 figure WhatsApp Sale. You will learn the step by step process to start making money with your WhatsApp.

This book sells for NGN 5,000, but fast action takers will get this as a bonus if you click the link to complete your order today


If you have to start from scratch today, you can start making money and build a business empire with the knowledge in this book.

You will learn about 5 businesses you can start today without start up capital and still scale within month

This book is worth NGN 5,000 but fast action takers will get it as a bonus for buying today


You will get a free copy of my web session with my business mentor Joseph Don on how he made his first 1 million naira on WhatsApp

Just to put it in perspective, Joseph Don has made over $100,000  (yes.. dollars) selling online

This material is priceless

Its worth more than NGN 100,000. The principles in that material can replicate itself in our business easily

You will get this material if you go ahead and pay today ONLY


My friend Naheem Uthman has asked me to give a copy of his  book More Views, More Sales to fast action takers

As you can tell from the title, it is a loaded book. It will show you how to command more views and translate it to sales on WhatsApp

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Hear the Amazing experiences of other students

Congratulations!!! You are About to

So what is the true value of a course like this?

What’s the true value of a course that could take you from selling one today and another in 3 weeks time?

What is the value you will place on sales and revenue explosion in your business?

After all, that’s the major reason why you set up the business in the first place

One of my students shared with me how he paid N70,000 for a similar course that didn’t even go half as practical and hands on as this one

In fact, I know people who sell similar courses for N30,000 and above

But one of my major goals for creating this course is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to scale their businesses

That’s why, I will be giving out this course for a token of N15,000

The truth is that it is worth far much more than that

However, if you take action right away, I’m willing to let you have the course RIGHT NOW for just


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