Earn in Dollars with Copywriting



Now you can earn foreign currency and make an extra 6 figure income with this proven treasure map to the online gold, using nothing but your smartphone an the high income skill of copywriting

🔥 In this special 30 Days online class, your questions about freelance copywriting will be answered.

🔥 You will have the opportunity to learn all the short-cuts, plus the quick and easy way to making money in dollars by simply writing from the comfort of your smartphone

🔥You will learn the techniques and tools you can use to write on almost any subject — even if you can’t write anything more than a grocery list or your own name — 100% Guaranteed!”

🔥 You will learn from 3 of the very best in the industry with all their knowledge and years of experience handed to you on a platter of gold

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With Yabi Sunday, Isaiah Ibigbemi and Jacob Okoro

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It is going to be 30 Days Of Copywriting and Freelancing Training.



1. What is copywriting

– What is copywriting

– Types of copywriting

2. Buyer psychology

– 14 reasons why people will buy anything from you

– 8 powerful sales and marketing words that persuades people to buy and how to use them

3. Elements of a sales copy

– The 9 things your sales copy must contain that will break your prospects resistance and make the buy your offer

4. Powerful sales catalyst

– How to create offers that will make your customer look stupid for not buying

– My Storytelling strategy that helps me to connect with my audience on a deeper level

5. Copywriting tools

– The 7 premium tools that helps me write great copy every time without sweat and struggle

6. How to make money with copywriting

where to get high-paying gigs as a copywriter and get paid in dollars

You will also be Learning…

1) Basic and advanced Strategies to making millions on Fiverr.

2) How to create an optimized Fiverr profile.

3)How to research for Fiverr high ranking keywords.

4) How to operate multiple money making Fiverr accounts without been banned.

5) How to land your first *consistent* $1000 Job on Fiverr.

6) How to withdraw your Fiverr earnings (usually in dollars) into your local bank account.

7) Fiverr Gig management strategy that guarantee maximum profit.

8) How to write winning Fiverr buyer Request Offers.

9) practical steps to creating an optimized account + selling gigs on Fiverr.

That’s not all…

You will be learning:

– How to create an approved legit Upwork account within 20 minutes using your smartphone.

– Setting up your Upwork profile to attract high paying clients

– The best and new strategy in setting your rates.

– How to land your First Job on Upwork

– 3 winning job proposal templates.

-Setting up well optimized social media profiles

– How to handle interviews from clients.

– Scaling up your freelance business

Becoming a solution provider

– Choosing a profitable niche

– The top 2 withdrawal method from Upwork.

-How to attract premium, pleasant and permanent clients on Upwork.

-How to create a PayPal Account as a Nigerian without traveling abroad.


– Proposal templates and samples of job-winning proposals

And lots more.




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