This is Why 90% of all Internet Business Start-ups Fail Within The First 120 Days

Dear Friend.
If you’ve ever wanted to leverage on the internet to create the freedom that passive income can bring through online businesses without spending your last dollar before you start making profit,…
while impacting lives and helping people solve critical problems without the barrier of locations… then this will be
the most important message you ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Sunday Yabi, and until very
recently I was your basic frustrated ‘internet marketer’ .


If you are anything like me, then you have spent lots of money buying courses, paying for online tools, running ads, paying influencers, attending conferences and seminars and so on…


I could almost swear that this latest course or tool i just bought is going to finally give me the breakthrough I’ve been looking for


But no…


It was another mirage.


Another dream fading away in the horizon.  


Apart from the fact that these things don’t come cheap, you can hardly find one complete bundle that will give you straight insight to the basic things you need.


You have to get this one from here, and get the other one from there.


Doesn’t it drive you nuts?


And to think that sometimes, you have to buy so many fakes and useless products that are nothing but junks before you actually find something real that you can use and actually get results is one of the most frustrating aspect of it all


As a result of this, I had no consistency to my game at all. Up today and down tomorrow


Is this how John Obidi, TriciaBiz and Steve Harris got to where they are?


  1. You must learn how to provide quality products for your audience. Whether that is a digital product, a physical product or an affiliate product
  2. you must learn how to market and sell them online using marketing secrets and strategies
  3. you must learn how to generate traffic, create sales pages and landing pages, share your offers using email marketing and other conventional and unconventional marketing channels
  4. you must learn how to craft sale and marketing messages that will persuade your audience to take action 



What If…

Imagine no further…


Offer 16 is a SPECIAL bundle for people who do business online

I was born on the 16th of October…

As a way of giving back to the proffession that has helped me create wealth and success, I am making Offer 16 available specifically to young entrepreneurs who are passionate about building an online business, but are limited by the funds required to gather the numerous expertise, knowledge and tools that people like us have spent thousands of dollars acquiring

With this special offer, I want to give ONLY 20 lucky entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn everything from product creation to sale and marketing, to automations to copywriting, Facebook ads and sales page creation for the price of ONE


Here are the courses contained in this bundle and their original prices:

Total Value: N25,500

Here’s the deal…

Between now and 11:59 pm on the 16th of October, 2022;

Special Bonuses For Package 3

  1. I will teach for free in one of your groups on any of the above subject matter
  2. Access to my Video podcast series:
  3. How to monetize your skills online With Isaiah Ibigbemi
  4. How I made my first 1 million Naira online with Joseph Don
  5. Stepping p your sales game with Otunba Ayobami
  6. Sell or Die
  7. A copy of my bok: shut up and take my money
  8. A copy of my book: 5 Ways to make MOney online
  9. A copy of my book: WhatsApp Sales Secrets how i made my first 115,000 sale on WhatsApp

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