You are about to read a long but VERY IMPORTANT letter from me. You may stop here if you can’t read a long document, but I can promise you that this is a worthy read.


I have a gift for you if you read to the end


Dear friend,

This will most likely be the most life changing letter you have read thus far.

My goal in this letter is to introduce myself to you and build a lasting relationship with you…

I make a lot of money basically by using the internet to sell and market my goods and services legally and that is why I have decided to share my knowledge with you for FREE!!!

This is definitely going to be worth it, I promise…

As at 31st January, 2021, my bank statement read N22,747,758.66

To me, this was totally unbelievable considering the fact that a few months before that, I had used the last 2k we were saving to buy baby food to pay for an online class that did not take place up till this moment (story for another day)

I am not a super star or celebrity or anything near that.

I’m just a regular guy who discovered the treasures of the internet and its capacity to transform ideas, skills, knowledge and innovations into money legally, and since 2020, I have not looked back.

My name is Sunday Yabi and I am a digital creator.

Permit me to share my story with you…


As an undergraduate in 2010, I founded a Non-profit youth organization dedicated to helping students, youths and young adults navigate their way through life.

I ran that organization as a volunteer alongside with others for 6 years before I got married

Of course I had people who worked with me on a voluntary basis

Everything Changed When I Got Married…

In 2016 everything changed, we decided that I should be placed on a salary in preparation for my wedding.

My salary was fixed at N5000 which rapidly changed to N7,500, then N10,000, N15,000 and finally N25,000

When I got married, I finally understood that N25,000 for a single man is different from N25,000 for a married man.

I quickly discovered that amount was not enough to take care of my family.

Bills kept pilling, demands kept rolling in and my income wasn’t getting any better

We were under serious pressure. We even had to sell some of our wedding gifts just to get by

I knew I had to do something about my earning abilities and I had to increase my income.

That’s how my journey began…

My Search For More Money…

I tried my hands on many conventional businesses and investments but they all failed woefully

I have always been a creative. Always have, always will. Ideas come to me easily.

It’s easy for me to assimilate and recognize patterns, and starting something new isn’t a problem for me.

My issue had always been how to get paid and build a business around my ideas, innovation and creativity. Which was why it was easier for me to run a non-profit organization in the first place.

In the course of my search, I stumbled across a WhatsApp Marketing online training that taught us how to market our business using WhatsApp.

This was a new concept for me.

I saw people charging others 1k month to belong to their WhatsApp group and they literally had hundreds of people in the group.

How do they do that?

How do you make money by just selling what you know?


A particular guy – Osagie Merry (you can google him) made N10 million from WhatsApp by selling health information and relationship tips


Are you kidding me????


And teachers are killing themselves for N15,000 monthly?


Don’t get me wrong – I understand the place of people’s calling and all that


My issue is with method and results.

How do you gather people like that?

What do you say to them to make them pay you just to be in a group?

70 people times 1k is 7ok monthly

These where some of the thoughts running through my mind.

Before now, I only used WhatsApp to chat and attend online prayer meeting etc. 😏

“This is definitely something I want to do, I said to myself”

The Only problem was, I didn’t yet have a business I could apply the knowledge on…

Or where to find that number of people

Or what to say to those who gathered to begin with

So I enrolled for more courses 😅 😅 😅

I spent a lot of money learning


I Made A Big Mistake

What was the mistake?

Well I started organizing online classes and teaching the things I was taught

I know…

Desperate move right?

But don’t forget that I wanted to improve my earning abilities

At this point I had only spent money and earned nothing

I was desperate to make my money back

I was even charging ridiculously because I didn’t even understand the dynamics of pricing.

My desperation, lack of confidence and lack of coordination gave me away…

I couldn’t hide it from my clients

I soon realized that trying to teach what I hadn’t practiced was a foolish move.

You can’t teach others what you’ve not practiced yourself.

You’re at best a scam.

That is what the hustle spirit can do to you

You are either a hustler or you’re building something that will outlast you

If you build with a hustling spirit, you will be desperate.

You will not grow, you will not get genuine results because you are only after the money

But if you shift from earning to helping, you will build authority, confidence, trust and eventually reap financial reward.

You have to learn it…

You have to do it…

Before you teach anybody.

Certified Content Marketer

Hubspot Academy

Certified Copywriter

College of Copywriting

"You are either a hustler or you're building something that will outlast you. If you build with a hustling spirit, you will be desperate"

I Had To Advice Myself

These are the two things I told myself;

You can’t teach what you have not practiced
Getting a skill or starting a business doesn’t mean you will do well financially.

Leaning or having a skill is not the key to financial breakthrough.

You have to learn HOW TO MARKET AND SELL EFFECTIVELY if you ever want to be profitable in business

The money you need is in the hands of people and they won’t just give it to you because you asked nicely or because you need it.

Money is not earned. Money is collected. If your skill or product for doesn’t solve a problem for them, you can’t get their money unless you are a robber.

So get a skill (it could be a product, service, idea etc), package it as a solution for people’s problems, find the people who need it (marketing), convince them you can solve their problem (sell it).

And that was exactly what I set out to do.

I invested the rest of my focus on improving my sales and marketing quotient

I applied my sales and marketing skills to my agribusiness

Sourcing for grains and raw materials for food processing companies like Flour Mills, Olam and many more

I convinced investors to invest in my ideas and help me close the gap between farmers and agro processing companies.

It worked!!!

And that was how everything turned around

Now, I confidently teach the same principles I learnt and applied to my business.

These principles applied on my business moved me from N25,000 monthly to over N50 million in revenue.

I help creatives acquire the skills and tools that can help them get seen, get heard and get paid

One of my students who was a former N-power beneficiary (government social empowerment scheme) has gone on to do multiple millions of Naira in revenue after going through a number of my courses and implementing them.

She is now a successful owner of a thriving ecommerce business

I have had the distinguishing privilege of being taught by the best internet marketers in Nigeria.

The likes of Joseph Don, Emmanuel Akpe, Lucky Elohor, Isaiah Ibigbemi, TriciaBiz, Emeka Nobis and many more.

Between November 2020 and November 2021, my businesses have done about 38 million Naira in revenue.

As at the time of writing this in 2022, we have done about 50 million Naira in revenue.

I know this is not so huge compared to where I hope to be soon but it sure beats my N25,000 monthly salary.

So, I don’t regret spending one dime on learning and increasing my sales and marketing skills.

I am not yet where I want to be but I hope to keep improving.

The lesson here is INVEST IN YOURSELF.

Once you start out to EMPTY YOUR POCKETS TO FILL YOUR BRAIN, your brain will someday fill your pocket.

I have been able to make good decent money online selling physical and digital products and ANYONE can do the same too.

With Emmanuel Akpe

Closed Mentorship Session with Emmanuel Akpe

With Naheem Uthman

At Ilorin, Kwara State

My Gift To You

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