Selling is a way of life

Selling is our recognition of how interdependent we are as humans

I need you and you need me

The title of this article is dramatic but deliberate

Nobody buys coffins with joy

people don’t like the commodity, but they still buy it

It is one of the hardest commodity to market, but it must still be done

Deep down, there are two things that really catches peoples attention

  1. What they really want
  2. What they are really afraid of

As a copywriter, this is how to get people’s attention

Stop talking about what they need. People don’t care about what they need unless they are in trouble, they rather care more about what they want

Let me give you an example. How come a lady can buy a hair of 450k, but is yet to pay her school fee… Need vs want

A man can buy a car o 2.5m but is still owing house rent… Need vs want

Want is emotional, but need is logical

People need to be healthy, yet they buy all kinds of carbonated and sugary things. Because the drinks company sell what they want to them

Now, you have what people need, how do you sell it? Figure out what they want first and present what they need as the means to what they want

That’s simple buyer psychology. Get it?

Tell me your business type and ask me how we can incorporate want/need into your advertising message in the comment section

For instance how can a man selling coffins incorporate want/need in his message

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