Give Me 5 Minutes and I Will Show You How to Make $1000 in 30 Days

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‘I bought my first land courtesy of Fiverr…’

So let’s say your name is Emeka who is currently at home because of ASUU strike. You have been unproductive for the past seven months of the strike.

By now, your folks at home are getting tired of your constant demand for funds and support. School you no dey, work you nor get. Not because you cant work o, but because there are not jobs

Or lets assume you are Femi who lives in Lagos with a wife and 2 kids, earning 80k per month.

By the time you take care of transport to and from work, monthly upkeep and your children’s school demand, 80k is finished. I’m sure you wished you could make more money

What if you are Ada, a small business owner in Abuja. Your shoes and bag business only records 3 to 4 sales per month which is barely enough to keep the doors open or the lights on.


What if you are Jerry, working in an oil company and earning 450k. You are doing pretty well for yourself, but you have a hidden gift of writing or editing that is just lying dormant and you would like to monetize it and make money from it?


Whether you are Emeka, or Femi, or Ada or Jerry, what you are about to read next will answer your questions

‘I made $830 in 5 weeks…’

What if I told you that there is a way you can make legitimate money, doing what you already love to do

You can start earning in  dollars and spending in your local currency legitimately

XXX You don’t have to watch boring video and get paid XXX

XXX This is not network marketing XXX

XXX It is not Crypto currency trading XXX

XXX This not even mini importation XXX

You can simply take a skill you already have now and sell in on freelancing platforms where you get paid handsomely for your work

The best part is that you can even learn a high income skill within a short period of time and sell it to foreigners

How Does Its Work?

Ready to Get a Piece of the Right?

Don’t worry, I got you covered

Now you can earn foreign currency and make an extra 6 figure income with this proven treasure map to the online gold, using nothing but your smartphone an the high income skill of copywriting


Let me introduce you to a 

30 Days Copywriting and Freelancing online  Training tagged 

Earn in Dollars with Copywriting



For 30 days, Sunday Yabi, Isaiah Ibigbemi, and Jacob Okoro will teach you how to become a master copywriter and how to sell that skill or any other skill online to earn top dollars

This Training Offers

Weekly Hands on Practical Sessions

🔥 In this special 30 Day online training, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have been taught on a weekly basis to ensure that everyone gets the chance to implement and grow

Access to Premium Apps and Strategies

🔥 You will have the opportunity to learn all the short-cuts, plus the quick and easy way to making money in dollars by simply writing from the comfort of your smartphone

Experienced and Proven Coaches

🔥 You will learn from 3 of the very best in the industry with all their knowledge and years of experience handed to you on a platter of gold



1. What is copywriting

– What is copywriting

– Types of copywriting

2. Buyer psychology

– 14 reasons why people will buy anything from you

– 8 powerful sales and marketing words that persuades people to buy and how to use them

3. Elements of a sales copy

– The 9 things your sales copy must contain that will break your prospects resistance and make the buy your offer

4. Powerful sales catalyst

– How to create offers that will make your customer look stupid for not buying

– My Storytelling strategy that helps me to connect with my audience on a deeper level

5. Copywriting tools

–  The 7 premium tools that helps me write great copy every time without sweat and struggle

6. How to make money with copywriting

where to get high-paying gigs as a copywriter and get paid in dollars

You will also be Learning…



1) Basic and advanced Strategies to making millions on Fiverr.

2) How to create an optimized Fiverr profile.

3)How to research for Fiverr high ranking keywords.

4) How to operate multiple money making Fiverr accounts without been banned.

5) How to land your first *consistent* $1000 Job on Fiverr.

6) How to withdraw your Fiverr earnings (usually in dollars) into your local bank account.

7) Fiverr Gig management strategy that guarantee maximum profit.

8) How to write winning Fiverr buyer Request Offers.

9) practical steps to creating an optimized account + selling gigs on Fiverr.

That’s not all…



 You will also be learning:

– How to create an approved legit Upwork account within 20 minutes using your smartphone.

– Setting up your Upwork profile to attract high paying clients

– The best and new strategy in setting your rates.

– How to land your First Job on Upwork

– 3 winning job proposal templates.

-Setting up well optimized social media profiles

– How to handle interviews from clients.

– Scaling up your freelance business

Becoming a solution provider

– Chosing a profitable niche

– The top 2 withdrawal method from Upwork.

-How to attract premium, pleasant and permanent clients on Upwork.

-How to create a PayPal Account as a Nigerian without traveling abroad. 

– Proposal templates and samples of job-winning proposals

And lots more.

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses

25 Copywriting and Freelancing Books

To build your library and your knowledge on the skill of copywriting and the business of freelancing

30 Videos and Training Materials

For hands-on practical to boost your confidence on the job

7 Applications and AI Software

To make your work sweat less and seamless

Here’s My Promise to You

After the ONE MONTH INTENSIVE TRAINING, if you implement everything you are taught ruthlessly, you will make a minimum of 10x whatever you paid for this trainig


I f I don’t deliver the results I promised, my reputation would go down the trash


So if you follow the instructions and the principles I teach and you don’t make 10x your money back, meet me for a refund 


I will give you back your money plus an apology for wasting your time

These People Are Not Better Than You

$240 just like that
Iam to call 15 people for $1000
I bought my first land... courtesy of Fiverr
I made $830 in 5 weeks
I have started making money online this year

Meet Your Coaches

Sunday Yabi

Meet Mr Sunday Yabi (Popularly known as The Sales Catalyst). Sunday Yabi has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sales and marketing In 2020, he went from a monthly salary of N25,000 to building an over N40, million business His endeavours in youth empowerment is evidenced by the 0ver 1000 young men and women who have participated in his training at one time or the other He is committed to helping young men and women transform their live by the acquisition and application of useful and relevant information. Sunday is a complete Jesus boy, a digital marketing consultant, coach, writer and speaker.

Isaiah Ibigbemi

Mr. Isaiah, through his endeavours, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the conversations of the New Economy as regards youths equipping themselves with High-income skills to earn commercial value. Over 15,000 lives have benefited from his digital trainings directly and indirectly. Currently, he runs the best selling Upwork training which has constantly produced tangible results for more than 100 weeks with over thousands of dollars in pure profit. Mr. Isaiah is a lover of God, a freelance Copywriter, seven figures WhatsAppreneur, Online marketing consultant, digital trainer, and SDG advocate. His personal goal is simple. "To be rich in Christ and in cash, raising youths that are Godly, financially confident and competence".

Jacob Okoro

Meet Mr. Jacob Okoro popularly known as the Fiverr Lord. Jacob is the host of the mobile skill university, a lover of God, a seven Figure freelance Copywriter, a seven figures WhatsAppreneur, & digital trainer. Over 10,000 lives have benefited from his digital trainings directly and indirectly. Currently, he runs the best selling Fiverr training which has constantly produced tangible results for more than 40 weeks now with over 20,000 dollars in pure profit. His personal goal is simple. “Helping you to Live your Financial dreams while Loving God."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For?

It’s designed for anyone who desires to learn how to earn in foreign currency, those who want to increase their earnings, those who want to monetize their skills, those who want to make money out of their writing skills and those who want to have more time to do the things they value without having financial crisis. 


How Will This Training Be Delivered?

Via live stream on YouTube, while information and daily course materials will be passed through WhatsApp 


What If I Try This And It Doesn’t Work For Me?

What if it actually works?

If you show me evidence of application of all that is taught in this course bundle, and you have no results, all you need to do is ask for your money back, and I will give you a full refund plus apology for wasting your time

How Do I Contact Your Team for Technical Support and Enquiry?

Simply send a WhatsApp message to +2348082529042

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